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 "I was born along with the Brahman (God). I was there when nothing was, I am here when nothing is, and I will be present in all years to come. Since time immemorial, there have been conquests to rule the planet earth. Many epochs ago, devatas and asuras ruled the land, but they couldn’t adapt to the changing times. And so, many of them perished and remaining sought refuge in the swarga (heaven) and patala (hell). Then humans, the direct sons and daughters of the almighty God dominated the world. And hence began one such conquest which saw many civilisations rise and fall. Magadha Kingdom’s pride and then the Mauryan’s might, the Kurus rose their empire to the power and then Mughals saw the sun set on them. And I have been a witness to all of this for I am immortal and neutral. All these civilisations, empires and dynasties learnt how to conquer but could never learn how to sustain their victories by changing with time. And those who don’t learn how to change with the times, get replaced by the time. Before I tell you, how bright the future will be, I want to ask if you are ready to evolve with the time? If yes, then behind yesterday’s success, today’s victory and tomorrow’s conquests there is only one strategy, and that is, change. Change, first in your thoughts and then in your actions. If you are with me, then the time is on your side. Then whatever the times may be, you will succeed. And once again, today the time is changing. I stand still, to tell you the story of the rise of the ‘Sullied’ in Kali Yuga, a tiny fraction of my eternal span. Get along with me as I don’t wait for anybody. I am time, and I welcome you to the world of Kali where nothing is as it seems."

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The Indian Story of an Author

"This book was created out of exasperation I went through while pitching God of the Sullied to Indian publishers. Some might judge this book as a farce while others can perceive it as a literary symbol of bitter reality of the publishing world and a strong message to upcoming authors. Whatsoever this book may be deemed as it’s one of a kind to have in your library collection."

Genre: Creative Non-fcition

ISBN: 978-81-936204-2-7

Publisher: Think Tank Books

Gone are the Days

“We middle class people are all same from inside. First things first, I logged into my Facebook account and checked-in there as well. You know what, it is more important to check-in on Facebook than it is to check-in for real at the airport. Let the world which gives zero fucks to what you are doing with your life, know you can afford a plane ticket for economy class. Right?”

Genre: Semi-Autobiographical Fiction

ISBN: 978-93-5128-237-2

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Development and Communication Morphosis

Genre: Textbook (Journalism & Mass Communication - Undergraduate Level)

ISBN: 978-93-5128-037-8

The book was launched in New Delhi World Book Fair 2014 by Mr. Abhigyan Prakash (Executive Editor of NDTV). See here!

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Photography Redefined

Genre: Textbook (Journalism & Mass Communication - Undergraduate Level)

ISBN:   978-13-0083-748-0

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Design & Graphics Redefined

Genre: Textbook (Journalism & Mass Communication - Undergraduate Level)

ISBN: 978-13-0099-873-0  

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This book is the upgraded version of 'Design & Graphics Referenced' (discontinued) published by Anuradha Prakashan, New Delhi in June 2012.