This is my all time favourite!

"Gaurav Sharma, with a little bit of this and that!"

Ever read an author interview that has nothing to do with book(s)? Well, here it is. Thanks to Femonomic for wasting my time as well as theirs. I wonder if they just trolled me or contrarywise. 😉

Me & Media

"Gone are the Days is the story of a solitary boy, says author Gaurav Sharma"

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"In conversation with Gaurav Sharma about his book Gone are the Days and the journey it portrays"

You know the drill.

"Interview with Gaurav Sharma, Author of Gone are the Days"

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"From textbooks to novels: A young author's search for success"

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"Gone are the Days: Vignettes of nostalgia"

Yes, UNI covered it too!

"Book Review: A boy's journey to make it big in life; and everything in between"

Read the review of my debut novel, Gone are the Days.

"Of discovery, misery and smart shopping"

Gone are the Days made it into the IANS list of recommended books. The story was carried out in several news sites including The Statesman, India New England News and Business Standard.

"A young author's search for success"

The Hitavada newspaper carried out a story in its print edition. See page 4.

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'गॉन आर द डेज' नॉवेल को पसंद कर रहे हैं YOUTH, लेखक बोले- 'जिंदगी की है कहानी'

Read what Samachar Plus, an online news portal in India says about me and my book. Note: Knowledge of Hindi is required.

"नॉवेल गॉन आर द डेज प्रकाशित, युवाआें काे आ रही पसंद"

Rajasthan Patrika covered my novel Gone are the Days. Read what it says.

Note: Knowledge of Hindi is required.

'Gone Are The Days' Will Take You On A Nostalgic Journey.

My debut novel Gone are the Days in UC News India.

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“Gaurav Sharma Interview – Gone are the Days Book”

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“Getting to know author Gaurav Sharma”

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“Author Gaurav Sharma”

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My Interview with Kalaage

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"Meet Gaurav Sharma – The Author Who Never Shares Food from His Own Lunchbox!"

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